We Return Victorious!

By Roger ~ April 11th, 2006. Filed under: Vacation.

To wrap up, our foray into Canadian territory was a success.  I have observed these odd, peaceful people in their natural environment.  Their pasttime of “mudding” around the property, and their battlecry of “Git ‘r Done” are naught to be feared by our troops.  We were even handed a red-tinted rock from their odd terrain, significant of their willingness to cede us their country.

Yes, Canada, you will be easy prey.

Especially since I took your trebuchet!

11 Responses to We Return Victorious!

  1. Scoob

    May I borrow the trebuchet? I have some dogs I wish to launch at the sun.

  2. Chris

    Congratulations on your succesful scouting expedition! Our forthcoming conquest will apparently be easier than we had expected. 😆

  3. julie

    ya’ll are evil….

  4. Eric

    Bah… the strategies have already been outlined.


    And afterwards, we can invade france!


  5. Roger

    Do not listen to Julie, people! She is a Canadian sympathizer!

    Chris, it will be such a breeze that it will not be televised.

    Eric, who do you think I was spying for?

    Scoob, the trebuchet is on the way! I’ll have this Canadian trucker I met this weekend drop it off for you. 😈

  6. julie

    EVIL!!!! Leave Canada alone you crazy fools… we have nothing you need…. eat your gross american poutine and leave us at peace in our igloos with our snowmobiles and eskimo kisses, will ya?!?!?

  7. Adriene

    Funny, you make Canada sound a lot like Georgia (what with “Git R Done” and “muddin'”).

  8. Roger

    That’s the way they talked. Honest.

    I plan on posting pictures sometime soon to go with this write-up.

  9. Scoob

    Most of the canadians I meet like to transport vast amounts of “weed” into the US. I am going to use the trebuchet the launch them and thier “product” back to Canada. Oh and the other Canadians I meet flood the beaches in their speedos. . . elderly retired foreigners in scanty beach attire is there any greater evil?

  10. Andy S.

    Whoa, I didn’t even know you went to Canada! Glad to hear that it went well. Welcome back to the Colonies.

  11. Roger

    It should be mentioned that Scoob is a corrections officer in a county jail.

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