Loot List ’16

By Roger ~ January 5th, 2017. Filed under: General.

Star Wars The Black Series Titanium Series Snowspeeder
Shadowrun Novel: Stranger Souls by Jak Koke
Shadowrun Novel: Clockwork Asylum by Jak Koke
Shadowrun Novel: Beyond the Pale by Jak Koke
Shadowrun Novel: Ragnarock by Stephen Kenson
Shadowrun Novel: Technobabel by Stephne Kenson
Shadowrun Novel: Lone Wolf by Nigel Findley
Shadow Ops Novel: Control Point by Myke Cole
Firefly playing cards
Star Trek TNG Bluetooth communicator badge
d20 Throw rug
Pocket Pop! Keychain: Arrow
Captain America shield keyring
Strawberry chapstick x2
Roger’s Shrubbery Service t-shirt
Big Daddy Weave: Love Come to Life
Phillips Craig & Dean: Breathe In
Matt Redman: Your Grace Finds Me
Marvel Comics belt
BloodBowl: The Game of Fantasy Football (2016)
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Jedi robes

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