Books Read in 2009


0) Tales of the Old World (Anthology) Fantasy-WarHammer Started in ’08
1) The Wind in the Willows (Grahame) Classic
2) Kiss (Dekker/Healy) Thriller
3) Hardwiring Excellence (Studer) Non-Fiction/work (Unfinished)
4) Witch Hunter (Werner) Fantasy-WarHammer
5) Sherman’s Lagoon (Toomey) Comic, but a 10 year collection. Great comic.
6) Witch Finder (Werner) Fantasy-WarHammer


7) Witch Killer (Werner) Fantasy-WarHammer
8 ) Crossroads of Twilight (Jordan) Fantasy…and looooong, at that!


9) Chosen (Dekker) Christian/Fiction/Fantasy
10) Malekith (Thorpe) Fantasy-WarHammer
11) Infidel (Dekker) Christian/Fiction/Fantasy
12) Green Rider (Britain) Fantasy
13) Renegade (Dekker) Christian/Fiction/Fantasy
14) Blood for the Blood God (Werner) Fantasy-WarHammer


15) Chaos (Dekker) Christian/Fiction/Fantasy
16) Clark County, Space (Steele) SciFi:


17) Pirate King (Salvatore) Fantasy-Forgotten Realms
18) First Rider’s Call (Britain) Fantasy
19) Honourkeeper (Kyme) Fantasy-WarHammer
20) BoneMan’s Daughters (Dekker) Thriller
21) Claws of Chaos (Thorpe) Fantasy-WarHammer


22) Blades of Chaos (Thorpe) Fantasy-WarHammer
23) Heart of Chaos (Thorpe) Fantasy-WarHammer


24) Edge of Recall (Heitzmann) Christian Fiction
25) Deeper Water (Whitlow) Christian Fiction


26) Sword of Bedwyr (Salvatore) Fantasy
27) Grey Seer (Warner) Fantasy-WarHammer
28) Sword Play (Emery) Fantasy-Forgotten Realms
29) Dangerous Games (Emery) Fantasy-Forgotten Realms
30) Mortal Consequences (Emery) Fantasy-Forgotten Realms


31) Luthien’s Gamble (Salvatore) Fantasy
32) Dragon King (Salvatore) Fantasy
33) Orcs: First Blood (Nichols) Fantasy
34) Higher Hope (Whitlow) Christian Fiction


35) The Ancient (Salvatore) Fantasy
36) High King’s Tomb (Britain) Fantasy


37) Empire (McNeill) Fantasy-WarHammer
38) The Hunted (Dellosso) Christian Thriller

This ends up being the same number as last year. One of my goals for this year is to read more books. I already have 9 in queue, the first of which I started today, 01/01/10. Most of them, again, are fantasy. I expect, though, to use the library more this year to possibly find some non-fantasy books.

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