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Year of the Monkey

2004: Chinese Year of the Monkey. What exaclty does that mean? Will monkeys overrun China this year? Will the greatest ideas and innovations come from Chinese primates? Will the Chinese finally admit this year that their leaders look a bit … Continue reading

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Squirrel Appreciation Day

We don’t know who thought up the nutty idea to call today Squirrel Appreciation Day, but since we’ve been gathering information on those furry rodents for some time, today seems the right time to pass along our nuggets of knowledge. … Continue reading

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Rebelling Monkeys?

A professor based in Oklahoma contacted us about a phrase he wasn’t certain was local: “I’ll be there if the good Lord’s willing and the Monkeys don’t rise.” He was curious about whether the Monkeys mentioned refer to (as he … Continue reading

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Weather Report

Northeast: Cold. Chance of multiple forms of precipitation. Northwest: Wet. Chance of sun. Southeast: Ice, Snow. Chance of power outages. Southwest: Dry. Chance of sandstorm. Midwest: Rugged. Chance of pioneers. Lambeau Field: Arctic Tundra. If not all-out blowout, then chance … Continue reading

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My Testimony

My main testimony, the one that I should have matured by but am still struggling against goes like this: When I was a young chap, my grandfather used to bring me and my cousins to church every week. Our parents, … Continue reading

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About Roger

Hi. My name is Roger. If you found your way here, you probably already know that. This is more of a place to entertain myself and my friends than a place that some will web surf to. That being said, … Continue reading

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History of Qwert Yuppy

Qwert Yuppy is NOT some guy who is lazy and just made his name from the top alphabetical row of the keyboard! Qwert Yuppy is NOT “a young college-educated adult who is employed in a well-paying profession and who lives … Continue reading

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