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Hi. My name is Roger. If you found your way here, you probably already know that. This is more of a place to entertain myself and my friends than a place that some will web surf to. That being said, you probably don’t need to know much about me from this website, either. I will add some stuff here, however, for those few that slip in and for those who know me that I don’t keep in touch with as much as I’d like.

Let me explain a little more about my writing style so you get a better idea of what kind of mood you are entering here. You should read everything as if I was smiling when I wrote it; I probably was. I write just about everything in a good mood/humor. I’m sometimes terse, or concise in my writing which can come off as grumpy, busy, or moody when there is a safe bet I was none of those when I wrote it. I often say things, or write things that might sound opinionated when I’m just trying to be matter of fact, not judgemental. If something does sound hurtful, remember I’m kidding. If it doesn’t sound like I’m kidding, just take it like I’m kidding and life will be much happier for both you and me.

All that being said, let me move right along. I am writing from Bangor, Maine. For those of you who had inadequate education, yes, Maine is in the United States. Find a map and go to the very North (that’s up) and East (that’s to your right, unless you are holding the map upside-down in which case there’s really nothing I can do to help you in this message). If you did have an inadequate education, yet you found Maine on your map with my directions I wholeheartedly congratulate you. There is hope yet.

If you’ve been able to put up with my light sarcasm so far, I think we’d be great friends.

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