Rebelling Monkeys?

A professor based in Oklahoma contacted us about a phrase he wasn’t certain was local: “I’ll be there if the good Lord’s willing and the Monkeys don’t rise.” He was curious about whether the Monkeys mentioned refer to (as he put it) “a desperate desire for or addiction to drugs (often used in the phrase ‘monkey on one’s back’): a persistent or annoying encumbrance or problem” or (and we quote again) to “an vicious primate which might become angry and rise up with weapons against the neighboring homo sapien settlers.”

The answer is that obviously you don’t want to mess with monkeys in any shape, form or denotation. Obviously the locals in your area are extremely wise, if it is in fact a local saying.

Something else your locals can learn from is the fact that the only “monkey” a monkey will carry on it’s back is another monkey. Qwert and all his friends advise you to say no to drugs!

(To see where that was “borrowed” from, go to Miriam-Webster’s Word for the Wise)

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