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Just because I don’t update this much, don’t think I don’t spend a lot of time thinking. If you want to know my thoughts on a particular subject, just email me. OK, if this is my unofficial blog, then I … Continue reading

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Critcal Mass

This morning a drug rep brought bagels from Bagel Central (a very Kosher establishment in town). I didn’t really want to eat while I wasn’t hungry, so I waited until around 10:00 to go toast a bagel. The name of … Continue reading

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Worship A What?

Nobody who knows a cow would follow a cow. A cow will lead you…to a field of tasty grass. A milk cow will lead you to the barn when she wants to be milked. A cow is not a noble, … Continue reading

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Bryan the Baboon. M.P. (Monkey Press) The moon is full. The “lunatics” amass. Unfortunately, so do Werewolves. In Maine on Friday, however, it was fit neither for man, nor for were-beast to be roaming the streets without being warmly bundled … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage: One Monkey’s Perspective

In the beginning, God ordained marriage. It was a sacred union from which a man left his parents and became one flesh with his wife. This “leaving his father and mother” thing may have been easier for Adam, having no … Continue reading

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Feng Shui: How Business Is Run

Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, is literally translated, “wind over water”. It addresses the relationship between human beings and their environments and offers keen insights and practical methods that sustain harmonious balance in places where we live and … Continue reading

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Ramon, M.P. (Monkey Press): Last weekend the notorious Qwert Yuppy tore through downtown in a Humvee, scattering pedestrians, slamming through the Key Bank front entrance and into the walk-in safe. He then proceeded to take all the money out of … Continue reading

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