Feng Shui: How Business Is Run

Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, is literally translated, “wind over water”. It addresses the relationship between human beings and their environments and offers keen insights and practical methods that sustain harmonious balance in places where we live and work.

Making adjustments to our home or business environments supports our ability to flow with the currents inherent in our lives. Feng Shui promotes balance, efficiency and comfort in all that we do. Our environments should work with us, to support our hopes and dreams.

This ancient Chinese Art is over 6,000 years old. It has gone through changes over the centuries to accommodate changing habitats and cultural proclivities and yet remains true to the source. It is as relevant today as it was centuries ago and continues to enhance the lives of those who prescribe to its age old wisdom.

Now, our readers may wonder what workplace harmony was needed 6000 years ago. The answer could be as simple as aligning the clouds and the winds as they planted rice, or being one with the antelope as you killed it (which we think might hurt).

The ancients practiced rituals known as “meetings.” It was in these meetings that those who shared a workplace would gather together to discuss their work habits and responsibilities and thereby ease tensions.

The oldest know meeting we have on record is preserved on a papyrus dating to an early Chinese Dynasty. This meeting appartently takes place between two workers named “Hunter” and “Antelope.” Oddly enough instead of Hunter and Antelope discussing things merely amongst themselves there seems to be someone running this meeting named “Facilitator.” To this day we still don’t know who or what “Facilitator” is or really does.

We can only translate as small part of the papyrus, but read along and find out how the earliest form of Feng Shui worked so you can apply this relationship technique in your workplace, and remember, back in those days hunting was considered work.

Chinese Papyrus: Facilitator: “So Hunter, do you see how stabbing Antelope with a spear makes his workplace uncomfortable?”

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