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OK, if this is my unofficial blog, then I get to do any kind of writing I want. Now I want to talk about church outreach. Reading through the Bible, I find many references to the fact that the Church should be reaching out to widows and orphans. I find references to other ministries, but I find a lot about widows and orphans. And why not? In an adult-male dominated society it was these two groups that could not take care of themselves. These days women, even non-elderly widows, are very capable of taking care of themselves. Orphans are taken care of by the state. How did it end up this way (more so the orphans than the women)? Did the church drop the ball? Did the Catholic church butcher the ministry like they do many other things? Are the protestants apathetic because there are so many other things on our plates? Are we allowing ourselves to be distracted by “big” things that we think need our attention and ignoring the “little” things that God thinks need our attention?

Do I ask too many questions?

What does your church do to support orphans and/or widows?

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