Today the drug rep brought us lunch from Applebee’s (see 2/13/04). I ordered “Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Alfredo.” The name sounded pretty self-explanatory to me. I get some chicken and some broccoli on pasta in alfredo sauce. I like all that stuff. Therefore I thought I would really enjoy my lunch.

When I finally sat down to eat my lunch, I opened the cover to find, much to my horror, that there was diced tomato on my food. Yuck. I had neglected to read the fine print on the menu. I guess that was dumb, but, as I mentioned, the name of the dish sounded like it covered all bases. Guess I learned a lesson there.

The chicken was also burned. It tasted good where it wasn’t burned, but it’s funny how burnt taste overrides the good taste. Double-yuck.

I rate my Applebee’s experience as a “C”.

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