FFH in Concert!

I went to see FFH on Friday night. I had a lot of fun. Big Daddy Weave was the opening band. The lead singer has a great voice; it sounds just like his voice on the radio. I don’t like it when people sound good on the radio and then sound awful in concert. I feel like I’m being duped.

As I said, Big Daddy Weave (BDW from now on) was great. They sang all of their songs that have been released and then one song I hadn’t heard before. What was a little disappointing is that they only played those 4-5 songs. I know, I know, I expect a lot out of people, but a good 10 song opening band would be excellent in my opinion. I like long concerts. Plus, to top it off, FFH would have had to sing about 20 songs.

After BDW, the stage went dark. Shadows came onto stage moving things around. The sound of a car starting was played over the speakers. The car’s radio was turned on and started scrolling quickly through radio stations. We could see a silhouette of a man wearing a shirt with flaring cuffs and who had spiky hair. He strolled onto stage and took a kind of pose in the middle. My wife then predicts that this guy is going to be obnoxious. My wife and I were expecting the other guy on tour, Warren Barfield, to come out next, since that is what happens in concerts in my experience. The opening band(s) play, then the main attraction comes out.

This is not the way of FFH.

After posing for a second up front (we can only see the silhouette, remember) he goes over to the piano on the middle of the stage. He starts playing. The lights come on, showing the whole band. It’s FFH.

I do have to admit that the lead singer’s voice can be a little nasally in concert. Especially when he’s singing in a higher voice. You can kind of tell that from the CDs, though, so don’t be too shocked. He also sings a little faster live than on the recordings. Whatever. All in all it is a great experience and they put on a good show.

After a good number of songs, they stop. They do the outreach part of the show and then take what they call an intermission.

After the intermission, then Warren Barfield comes out on to stage. He’s a funny, hyper dude who plays great acoustic guitar. He sounds good, even without a band, but I prefer band music. There’s one hint I’d give young Warren. I would have bought his CD at the concert, but it was $15 and I’m sure I could get it at Wal-Mart for less. 😛

After Warren, FFH came back out and did another set. I kinda like this order of operations. They did a (planned) encore. I think everyone plans an encore nowadays. You can tell it was planned because the drummer stayed at his drums while the rest of the band left stage. Think about it, if the fans didn’t want them to play, they wouldn’t be there. I’d be careful with the planned encores, though, because if you really stunk the crowd would already be leaving when you came back out on stage.

All the musicians stayed afterwards for autographs. They even have this down to a science. They announced before the end of the show that anyone who wanted an autograph was to line up off to the side of the auditorium. After the show, they then snaked this line (…right past the merchandise tables. How’s that for marketing?) around the auditorium until you reached the table where the bands were sitting.

I had brought my Ready to Fly CD liner in with me to have signed. Good thing, too, because I didn’t want to buy any of the merchandise. They would have had to sign my shirt. Then I would be down one less wearable shirt in my wardrobe.

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