Snow, Snow Go Away!

Snow: “precipitation in the form of small white ice crystals formed directly from the water vapor of the air at a temperature of less than 32?F (0?C)”

To parody Delirious from the Cutting Edge CDs: What is this thing called [snow]/ I know I’ve found it/It’s [here] in [Maine].

Here’s the deal: For quite some time the snow around here has been melting. As a matter of fact, only what was in the big tall snowbanks remains. We’ve had Spring (in our minds, at least) for the last few weeks. No snow, not too cold. The scenery turned ugly since the pristine blanket disappeared and the wonderful leaf covering had not yet grown. Ugly as it may have been, the sight reminded us that Spring is not too far off. Or so we thought.

Sometimes the weather plays cruel jokes on us. While it looks like spring is coming, and we face forward into a warmer future, winter sneaks back up behind us and kicks us in the back of the knees. How cruel, this harsh mistress we must submit to.

Addendum: As of Noon today, the snow had already melted. All that work for nothing…

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