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“These Hours”

There are a bunch of things I could probably write about today. Thoughts of my own and thoughts that have been stimulated by reading other blogs. I think, however, that I’ll relax a bit (it’s a great, sunny day here, … Continue reading

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Small, relatively unimportant question: What is the deal with people who stop at a red light, then constantly keep inching forward in expectation of the change to green, then when the light turns green they just sit there?

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The Homeless

Homeless people make me sad. Every morning when I drive to work, I see a homeless man who must have the same walking route every day. As I’m driving north on Broadway, he’s walking south. Usually as I drive by … Continue reading

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How Much Would Herbie Charge?

Hmm, many people seem to have problems with their wisdom teeth. What’s up with that? Maybe I only hear the bad stories and none of the good ones, but it frightens me a little that someday I might have to … Continue reading

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Spring Cleanup

If you haven’t been here before, welcome! You won’t notice anything different. For the few, the proud, the elite who have visited in the past, you’ll notice a big change. I’ve gone from a Front Page type setup to a … Continue reading

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Write Frame of Mind

I have always liked to write. It seems to me that my childhood years were spent creating different stories for different occasions. At some point in time, I started collecting my own writings, keeping them in a binder. In this … Continue reading

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Depressed? NO!

When I was a pre-teen my mother decided she needed to have a talk with me. Don’t worry; it wasn’t a “birds and bees” talk. She told me that as a teenager, things would happen in my life. She told … Continue reading

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