Depressed? NO!

When I was a pre-teen my mother decided she needed to have a talk with me. Don’t worry; it wasn’t a “birds and bees” talk. She told me that as a teenager, things would happen in my life. She told me I would get depressed and feel sad. She told me that sometimes I would feel like suicide was the only option. She said those were normal feelings for a teenager. Naturally, she told me not to commit suicide when those thoughts arose. She told me that things might look bad, but they would get better. I’m sure she was coming at me from the loving mother/nurse point of view. Those were emotions that she had dealt with in her teen years and they were also emotions that she saw in others as she worked in healthcare.

During my teenage years I never (ever) felt like committing suicide. This, I believe, is my testimony to the goodness of God in my life.

Life was never that bad for me. I don’t remember ever being depressed. Sure, sad things happened in my life, even tragic things. I never, though, remember being depressed and never so alone or thinking that life was so helpless that the only thing I could do was kill myself. For this I give God credit.

Jesus never left me, He never forsook me, just like He promises in the Bible. Though I never had a father (see my last testimony), He was always a father who was there for me. I thank God for a great imagination and almost insatiable curiosity that also kept me company through my teen years and even into today. The teen years can be a hard time. I’ve seen this in many others. However, with God as my constant companion I made it through my teenage years rather happily (and easily, in my opinion).

God is great!

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