“These Hours”

There are a bunch of things I could probably write about today. Thoughts of my own and thoughts that have been stimulated by reading other blogs. I think, however, that I’ll relax a bit (it’s a great, sunny day here, perfect for relaxing). Here’s a contingency post.

My poem “These Hours” continues to be my favorite. It was one of the first I wrote that was not just for fooling around or for a class I was taking. If I ever had hope of any of my poems becoming famous, it would be this one. I remember that wrote it while waiting for Chemistry class to start, so it was written sometime in the mid 1990’s.

These Hours

When the Earth was young and the stars were bright
In the very first days after God created light
She and I played through the day into night
And in these first hours I held her so tight

Back before days when we knew wrong from right
Far back when actions weren’t black or white
Our love every day would reach a new height
In these precious hours I held her so tight

Now we have many new hardships to fight
They come down upon us with all of their might
They almost seem too much to bear, but not quite
And these are the hours I hold her so tight

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