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I have always liked to write. It seems to me that my childhood years were spent creating different stories for different occasions. At some point in time, I started collecting my own writings, keeping them in a binder. In this binder I have stories that I wrote all the way back in seventh grade. Boy, those were the days…

The other day while reading a blog, I started thinking about a poem (a limerick, specifically) I wrote in the 11th grade. I figured I’d go through my old writings and look for the poem to share with the blog author.

What an excellent idea!

I opened the binder that had been shut for far too long. I flipped to the very back and started reading. O, the memories! I smiled…I laughed at my past self. I seem to have had a very active imagination coupled with some kind of underdog complex. I wrote the short stories where to good guy DOESN’T win. The nice guy tries his hardest, but still doesn’t overcome. Naturally, when I think back, I wrote about me. I wrote about people who gave everthing they had, did everything they could do, but still lost. I know I had low self-esteem, but yikes!

Anyway, I hope to type up much of the stuff I rediscovered and share it on here. You can be transported back into the mind of a young pre-teen. You can live through adolesence on paper. You can shake your head an roll your eyes. Hopefully, at least it will be entertaining.

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