Bad Harry!

Here’s a song I wrote. I don’t like country music, but this is a parody. It’s not a full song, just a bit. If Weird Al calls me to put this song on his next CD, then I’ll finish it. Sing it in your best coutry voice.

Harry came home, it was 2 AM
He had just been dropped off by a couple of friends
He was staggerin’ drunk and smelled of cheap booze
Said he needed a little somethin’ to wash away his blues

Never let your dog off the leash
Never let ‘im outta your yard
One day he’ll come home just a roarin’ drunk
And catch the whole family off guard…

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4 Responses to Bad Harry!

  1. trey says:

    I dont know if you remember Jim or not.. but he and I wrote a country song called “broke” I dont remember all of it.. but the first part went… “she broke my heart.. so I broke her dadgum jaw.. she cut me loose.. so I cut off her fingers.. one at a time”.. hehe…

  2. Roger says:

    I do not remember this “Jim” you speak of. Sounds like a funny song, though. My cousin wrote one called “Free Eating”. It’s sung to the tune of Tom Petty’s Free Falling and it talks about a guy who escaped from jail and is teaching his girlfriend to eat..people.

  3. the Sage says:

    My favorite country song was off an old John Denver album:

    You done stomped on my heart
    And you mashed that sucker flat
    You just sorta
    Stomped on my aorta

  4. Roger says:

    That John Denver was a funny guy. I have his Christmas CD with the muppets.

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