Bring Forth the Fickle Sun!

The sun was out in force Saturday and Sunday. Then it left so the rain could visit us Monday and Tuesday. Now it is Wednesday and the sun it back. I wish he would stay, this bright, shiny friend of mine, but, alas, he is a fickle creature. Here today, gone tomorrow. How much more can my emotions take before my heart is broken?

The last few years I have not spent as much time outside as I had planned to once summer rolled around. This year I’ll try the same goal. I cannot remember how productive staying inside has been in the past, but if it was I can always do it again come winter. For now I pledge to enjoy the warmth and the beauty of nature.

As Warren Barfield wrote, I’ll “soak it up, every little bit I get/Enjoy all my days until all my days end”

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