“Hill of Golden Dawn”

I had something in mind last night that I was going to write about today. Unfortunately a lot of time has elapsed between then and now and it seems to have escaped my mind. Does that happen to anyone but me?

Instead, I’ll post another poem. I am somewhat discouraged that I did not receive any responses regarding the last poem, but I guess I’ll give the 2-3 people that read this a break. Maybe they are not poetry-minded individuals.

The title of this one, Hill of Golden Dawn, comes from the name of a chapter in a book I’ve read. The poem has nothing to do with the book; I hijacked the title and went from there. I wrote this with the express purpose of being so beautiful that it would make the reader cry. Now that you know that, it is sure to elicit no emotions from you at all.

Hill of Golden Dawn

It began in springtime,
Once winter was gone.
We found each other
On Hill of Golden Dawn

Our courting was lengthy;
Many hours spent upon
The mound of sunlight,
Our Hill of Golden Dawn

A bond that grew true led
Love surely to spawn.
Our earthly anchor,
A Hill of Golden Dawn

Brought forth by Time, joy…then
Disaster anon.
Leaving me nothing
But Hill of Golden Dawn

One life was stopped short, but
My soul, it moves on
Forever seeking
The Hill of Golden Dawn

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2 Responses to “Hill of Golden Dawn”

  1. brian says:

    i have good ideas to blog about and forget them all the time.

    What book did that title come from?

  2. Roger says:

    One of the Robert Jordan “Wheel of Time” books. I took all the chapter names and looked for one that sounded coolest.

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