Life’s Drama

Sometimes I like to think of life as a play. We all have our parts and try our hardest to stay in character. But sometimes I wish we could all step out of character. Mostly I wish this when in the heat of a most uncomfortable situation. Namely a fight or an embarrasing circumstance.

Think about it, in the midst of an arguement one of the people arguing, who can’t think for all the steam coming out his ears, says “Cut! Cut! Let’s take 5 on this scene, I can’t even think anymore.” Then the two go get a drink, talk about the weather for a few minutes, then, maybe, continue again (“Take 2”). Or better yet, instead of talking about the weather, talk, from the outside looking in, about what is going on in life’s little drama. The one says “Well, the part I play is hurt because I feel you swindled me, understand?” And the other one says “Yeah, I guess I can see that, but here’s what I think when I’m doing my part…” Then the keep talking about that and before they know it they are already on Take 2, but this time handling it as rational adults.

In my mind I call it “a time-out of life”. Life is going on, but I really need a time out.

I guess the only caveat is that during the time-out everyone would have to just be plain honest. That could be difficult. A liar would have to admit “My character is a liar, so that’s what I’ll be doing when we start again.” A plotter would say, during the time-out chat, “I’m planning this great act of revenge, even you will be impressed!” And a lover would say “When we start again, my script shows I’m to smother you with kisses.”

Would anyone else ever like to take a time-out? Do you think it would make the world a better, less stressful place? Maybe I just have a warped view, having been a very intense role-player.

My quote to go with this is: “All the world’s a stage…and the men and women merely players…”

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3 Responses to Life’s Drama

  1. Hannah says:

    Ah, “As You Like It” – one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, and my audition monologue to boot. Sometimes I wish we could step back and honestly evaluate. Usually for me, that happens sometime long after an argument or conversations.

  2. Roger says:

    I can evaluate better afterward, too, but sometimes I’d like to take a reality break in the middle. No one likes to think of life as just a play though. To think of yourself as a character? People just aren’t like that.

  3. Hannah says:

    Very true. I think many would rather perceive themselves as directors then mere characters in a vast play.

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