Missing the Doughtys

Thursday, the 20th, was my wife’s birthday. I held a surprise party for her at Bugaboo Creek Restaurant. It was a fun time, in all, but I felt for the first time the loss of our friends The Doughtys, who recently moved 3 hours away.

Every party at Bugaboo involved us and the Doughtys. When it was their party, we showed up. When it was our party, they showed up. Thursday, however, there were a couple empty seats (not just figuratively). Though the seats were empty because two people who we really wanted to come didn’t show up, I think now it is fitting to think of those two empty seats as a tribute to the Doughtys.

You were there in spirit, though not in body. Salutamus!

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8 Responses to Missing the Doughtys

  1. The Doughtys says:

    We are always going to be there in spirit(and sometimes in person).

  2. the Sage says:

    This strangely touched me deeply, Rog.

    Just wanted to also add that Maine has the best restaurant names. Gotta love “Bugaboo Creek.” In Hannah’s town, there’s the “Black Frog.” And of course, Greenville is home to the original (but now defunct) “Road Kill Cafe.”

  3. Roger says:

    Yay Doughtys! And I should be there for Leah’s party.

    Thanks, Sage. You’ve probably had experiences like this of your own. I was wondering if the post was a little too personal, but I’m glad that my sharing it touched someone.
    Bugaboo Creek is Canadian, I think, but let’s not tell anyone since it’s the best steakhousee around these parts and probably will be even after Outback moves in. Now Black Frog I wouldn’t mind trying. Lastly, I never made it to a Roadkill Cafe, but I always liked the idea.

    Everything’s just better in Maine 🙂

  4. Hannah says:

    Goes to show how much I know – I wasn’t even aware we at one time had a Roadkill Cafe. And Roger, I’ve been eyeing Bugaboo Creek for a while now – would you recommend it for my husband’s and my date night next weekend (keep in mind, we only get to go out on a date something like once a year)?

    It also pulled my heart strings when I read your post – short and simple, yet moving.

  5. The Doughtys says:

    Now that we are down here you can check out all kinds of new places. We have Outback and a Bugaboo but Jerramy would be the one to tell you which one is better. They are all the same to me. RT.1 is full of steak houses so we should try a new one every time you come down. Did you say that is a go on Leah’s party? She will be very happy.

  6. Roger says:

    Hannah: Just so everyone else who reads can see my response, too. Yes! Go to Bugaboo! It’s our favorite.

    The Doughtys (represented by Shannon): We are getting an Outback up here, where they tore down the Paul’s Restaurant. Did you know that? I look forward to the opportunities to try new steakhouses (and go to Old Orchard Beach), though I dislike cities any larger than Bangor and try to shun them as much as possible. Keep me in line; I’m a squiggly, slippery creature!

  7. The Doughtys says:

    Rest easy, Old Orchard is smaller than Bangor. There is enough around here so we don’t have to venture into Portland at all. Plus, we have Popeyes so that right there is a great thing. We went by it last night and for some reason the car just kept pulling towards it. Can you guess who might have been driving?

  8. Roger says:

    Someone with very good taste in fast food, fried chicken and biscuits. Darn, I forgot about Popeyes. We’ll be there for Leah’s BD! 🙂

    Mmmm, Popeyes…

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