On Having a Big Doctor

I had my annual physical this morning. We went over my regular health problems and, trust me, if it wasn’t for modern medicine I probably wouldn’t be alive. At least I wouldn’t live a productive life.

Anyway, one of the things I said I would like to work on is my weight. I have it made up in my mind that at 5’9″ (and 1/4!) I do not want to ever weigh more than 200 lbs. Well, for quite a while I have been knocking on my self-imposed ceiling. I think I have a lot of extra flab stored up front here just sticking out and looking all blah.

As a guy I believe that my belly should not stick out further than my chest (I guess that could go for any ladies who want a rule of thumb, too…). Mine certainly does, and it shows in some photographs from the past few years. Having been a stick-boy in grade school, a fit and trim athlete all through high school, and continuing to work out 3 years into college, I’m not used to packing on many extra pounds.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on much more than I intended to…I’ll have to switch this from General to Get To Know Roger…

I was at my physical this morning and the doctor (who must be ~250 lbs.) said “You mentioned to the MA that you want to lose some weight…?”

I said that I was thinking about it, but knew how to do it on my own. He told me I didn’t really need to and that I was in great shape. Keep in mind that the chart on the wall behind me says anyone weighing 196 and is 5’9″ is at the very edge of the line between overweight and obese. I pointed this out to him. He said that the chart was very ungenerous and made by insurance companies who wanted to be able to charge people more of a premium because they are “overweight/obese”.

Long story wrapped up: if you want to feel good about your weight, go to a big doctor.

PS I like my doctor a lot; don’t get the wrong idea.

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3 Responses to On Having a Big Doctor

  1. Eric says:

    I should make an appt with your doctor. 🙂 If anyone is looking for a few extra pounds (around 35 or so), let me know. I have a few to spare.

  2. the Sage says:

    Ha! I’ll bet he has a funhouse mirror in his office, too.

  3. Roger says:

    That would make him tall and thin! Every short, stout guy needs one of those.

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