Sorry to Shel Silverstein

I will not do a blog today
Said little Roger Lee Brasslett
(it’s French, so pronounce Brass-lay…this time)
My tummy hurts, I’m feeling sick
My fingers’ worn down to the quick
My eyesight’s weak, the monitor’s dim
My chances of making sense are slim
My keyboard’s broke, my monitor’s old
I cannot seem to type in bold
I’m out of 1s, my 0s (zeros) are low
My data has nowhere to go
No one is reading, are you still there?
I really cannot seem to care
I will not blog, that’s what I won’t do
So now take this! I’ll show you!

Ooops, seems like I’m blogging anyways
Good thing that I don’t type for praise

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5 Responses to Sorry to Shel Silverstein

  1. Hannah says:

    🙂 Having fun at work, Roger?

  2. Roger says:

    A blast. Actually I can’t wait for the day to end.

  3. trey says:

    you know… shel is one of my favorites… nice work there on yer poem…

  4. Roger says:

    Shel is one of my favorites, too. I’m reading Where the Sidewalk Ends to my wife some nights at bedtime and I have Falling Up in the car for sunny days when I want to spend lunchtime outside.

  5. Eric says:

    Shel Rocks! :rmfo:

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