The Future is a Mystery

As a junior in high school I took a Creative Writing class. It’s one of those classes that I can’t believe I got credit for since it is something I love to do anyway. One of our assignments was “Write about how you will be in 20 years.” Now, 20 years have not come and gone, but more than 10 years have and I’ve already destroyed my prediction. I found it in my old writings, and thought I’d share it here.

Prediction: “In 20 years I will probably be living alone in a small apartment in Bangor. The apartment will be stocked with all the necessities for living, plus have many items for entertainment. That would be a TV, VCR, stereo system, computer, and of course, being the type of person I am, a full bookshelf. My job will be demanding, yet well-paying. Most likely some kind of businessman, but I refuse to wear a suit. Most of my family will still be around, my mother will only be 53, and I’m sure I’ll have enough friends. Even so it will always end up with me alone at the end of the long day, watering the plants, feeding any pets the landlord will allow, and turning off the lights as I lay down to sleep.
This is not necessarily how I want myself to be in 20 years, but it is the most likely situation”

For those who don’t know my life is more like this: I own a house in Brewer, Maine (sister city to Bangor). I do not have a TV or VCR and my stereo system is mediocre, though my bookshelves are in fact full. My job is not demanding nor very well paying and I’m not a businessman. I am very much not alone, but married to the most wonderful, beautiful woman in the world.

Wow! It’s almost like I used this prediction as a checklist and did exactly the opposite on purpose. I didn’t. I’m just blessed of God.

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6 Responses to The Future is a Mystery

  1. Eric says:

    I have never written a “where will you be in XX years”, but I am not quite where I thought I’d be. First off, I figured I would be out of Maine by now… and I swore I’d never work for the State… 🙁

  2. Roger says:

    God’s ways are much higher than our ways.

    It was kind of a cool activity, looking back on it.

  3. brian says:

    but do you have to wear a suit?

  4. Roger says:

    :no: 😀

  5. brian says:

    see…you got that part right.

  6. Roger says:

    So, then, the Future is 96% Mystery…

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