Going to Bar Harbor (on the coast of Maine) Friday reminded me of this poem. It is an early poem of mine. I was inspired by a combination of actual events that took place one summer and a song I used to like.

We walked on the beaches
Barefoot and bold
We splashed in the ocean
Surprisingly cold
We climbed on the rocks
And other things untold
We spent time together
As summer grew old

We took in the fireworks
From a view not our own
We watched a performance
With others, yet alone
We ate and we talked
Time passed unknown
Through all these actions
Something special was sewn

We hiked up the trails
There are more to explore
She wanted a sunrise
There will always be more
Those were special moments
In our hearts we will store
And when we return
It will be better than before

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3 Responses to “We”

  1. Hannah says:


  2. indieb0i says:

    Simply beautiful. I think one of the greatest downfalls of more recent poetry is the abandonment of form. Freeform, spoken word, slam, etc. are all wonderful styles, but there are styles ways to explore the language through various rhyme schemes and poetic forms. It’s nice to read such a well done example of this.

  3. Roger says:

    Thank you, both of you, even the mysterious Indieb0i. I personally don’t like freeform and the like. I prefer a rhyme scheme, meter, etc. But to each his own and I won’t begrudge anyone their poetry style.

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