“What Religion Are You?”

I don’t like the question “What is your religion” I like straight questions that I can give straight, simple answers to. When someone asks me this, my straight, simple answer is “Christian.” That, however, is most often not the answer to the question they meant to ask. Therein lies my problem.

I think the main reason I have a problem is because of a know-it-all attitude that I need to get rid of. Almost all the time when someone asks that question, what they mean is “What is your denomination” or “What kind of church do you go to,” as in Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, etc. I am anal with how people phrase their questions. I usually only want to answer the exact question they asked, not the question they meant. I want to say “You mean, what denomination am I” or “Well, I’m Christian, but what you really wanted to ask is what type of Christian am I, right” I usually struggle against correct them in a patronizing way.

But I don’t want to. Me. The part of me that sits back later on and rationally thinks things through. The part of me that plans “how can I act more Christ-like?” The base part of me wants to show everyone how superior I am by belittling them, and that part of me is usually the first part that gets to react, beating the Christian nature to the punch. It’s kind of weird. I’ve managed to overcome some of my base nature (like swearing, which I was never comfortable at but I did it because everyone else did…so much for me being above peer pressure…) but other things I just can’t seem to overcome on my own. I guess that is a good thing. God must not want me to be able to do everything on my own. He must want me to rely on him It’s a good thing he’s smarter than I am and knows what he’s doing.

This isn’t really what I set out to write about, but this is what came out. I’ll get to the point I wanted to make tomorrow.

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