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I used to think it was a cop-out when the little kids in Sunday School lined up to testify and the first student would say “I’m thankful for a Christian pastor” (and the second little kid gets the look on their face like “darn, he took mine”). I would think “How lame! Of course you have a Christian pastor!” How na?ve of me (keep in mind, though, that, for the most part, I only use the term “pastor” when talking about Christianity). I finished a book recently called, Lucifer Dethroned, that I was reading for the second time. This autobiographical book tells of a man and woman who were deep into multiple different cults. It tells about how children are treated in these cults (luckily, not too graphic) and what kind of symptoms you can see in children who have been involved in satanic rituals. After reading this, I can understand a little better (even if the children are too na?ve to understand it, which I hope they are at such young ages) why a young child should be thankful for a Christian pastor. This child could have a satanic “pastor”. This child could be used for some kind of sick-o rituals at different times of the year, or could even be sacrificed on an altar to the devil. This child could have a non-Christian pastor (say Buddhist, or Muslim) who is leading them down complete false doctrine.

Thank God these children realize what they have, even if they don’t realize what they don’t have at the same time. Now, I finally realize it and am thankful for it, too.

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  1. the Sage says:

    Not to take away from the seriousness of your topic, but…

    Your opening about the kid in line thinking “darn! he took mine” reminded me of Louie Giglio explaining to the 30,000+ people at the first OneDay how we were going to pray together. He reassured everyone that we weren’t going to do it “Baptist prayer-meeting style” where you go around the room and the last guy in the circle is sweating bullets that there won’t be any good requests left by the time it gets to him.

  2. Roger says:

    You can take the seriousness away anytime. As long as the original thought has been absorbed.

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