Not So Great is My Faithfulness

Sometimes, when I think about it, it amazes me that I am not more faithful to God. I can’t think of any major problems in my life. I can’t think of anything I’m wanting; I have a home, a vehicle, a good job and (save the best for last) the best wife. He never leaves me, nor forsakes me. Not only has He done for me in that past, but he continually does for me in the present. But when it comes time to give back to God; spend some time in prayer, reading the Bible, preparing for Sunday School, I am the one found unfaithful.

As far as praying goes, I’m talking about specific time set aside daily to get down on my knees and commune with God. That being the situation, it’s not that I’m unwilling, it’s just that it hardly ever pops into my mind. I am so busy doing this thing or that thing that I completely neglect a very important thing. When I think about it, I want to pray. I want to establish a consistent routine. But, be it first thing in the morning or after I get home from work, I start in on my daily routines and completely forget the addition I was intending to make to them. I think, as far as prayer is concerned, I need to write myself a note. I remind myself of lots of things via notes (right now I have a note to send Bryan money for GravyBoy comics…)

For Bible reading, I have an OK routine. It could be a lot better. I usually read the Bible every night before bed, before I begin reading my nightly book for my own entertainment. I’ve now also added a Bible commentary book to cross-reference with what I read for the night. I usually skip Bible reading on church nights because we just opened our Bibles in church. That seems like it might be a little lame, however, since we usually only go through a few related passages instead of whole chapters. It seems, also, that it is far too convenient to skip Bible reading for the night if I’m really tired when I get into bed and I don’t expect to be able to retain much. I would like to actually study the Bible in the midst of the day, maybe memorize a key verse or two, and have something specific to show for it afterwards.

Sunday School prep can often fall the way of Bible reading. Skip it on church nights, forget it if I’m tired…it gets to the point where most of Sunday School prep happens on Saturday night. This can leave us a little unprepared come Sunday morning if there is something that we overlooked until Saturday night. Either unprepared, or last minute trips to Wal-Mart. Also, sometimes we need post-lesson time fillers and if we wait until Saturday night to try to think of something our brains are too fried to think well.

Quote for the day: “My ability/won’t get me very far/My fragility/is a testimony of who you are…” -Caedmon’s Call

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4 Responses to Not So Great is My Faithfulness

  1. brian says:

    is gravyboy causing you to stumble? 😉

  2. the Sage says:

    Haha to Brian! I was going to say the exact same thing…but it’s twice as funny coming from you!

    A friend of mine says that we would be much more apt to read our Bibles and pray if we viewed those activities in the same way we do our morning showe if You’re a morning shower person). I would never think of skipping my morning shower because I sweat a lot at night and would not want to go out in public all smelly. In other words, I’m motivated to take my daily shower because I’m deeply concerned about what people think about me. But each day I’m picking up the world’s spiritual “sweat and dirt.” Am I so concerned to wash myself in the Word? Perhaps I need a much deeper understanding of how abhorent and ugly and smelly my sin is, and how sweet and refreshing and cleansing the Word of God is.

  3. Roger says:

    Good point, Mark. If I thought of it that way, I’d never want to start a new day with all the spiritual crud left on me from the day before. Sometimes, too much happens in a day…

    Brian, I’ll have to tell you after I read it.

  4. the Sage says:

    Must tell everyone that Roger emailed me and asked if I also ironed my soul. The answer is, is far too valuable, so I send it out for professional pressing (AKA Sunday worship)

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