The Sage Returns

The “sage” returns
A while ago I wrote about meeting a car with the license plate “sage” and being kind to them (was that on here, or just on…)

Today when emailing the notes from our daily “huddle” (a five minute get-together all available office members attend before the day begins) I made a small, one letter typo. This typo is understandable considering some of the people I “hang around” online.

The note was supposed to say: “Reminder: The safe has been moved to the computer room off from the main kitchen.” The safe is where we lock the money up at night. (You’ll understand why I told you that obvious fact later.) Instead, from frequency of use I’m guessing, I typed “the sage has been moved to the computer room in the main kitchen.”

Do you think an office full of 20 smart-alec people would let that one go?

Dr Tiller asked if the “sage” is where we keep the “monkey”. He obviously said it out loud because 3 people from the clinical area out back emailed me that question. So, this is the setting of my email conversation with Dr Miller (yes, two different doctors):

Dr Miller: Roger, what does this mean? Reminder: The sage has been moved to the computer room off from the main kitchen.

Roger: It really means the “safe”, but I hit the wrong key. It became quite an intriguing typo.

And No! [replying to the “monkey” people in the same email] You do not put the monkey in the sage! The sage would get indigestion! You put the monkey in a cage (it’s all the new rage…), and you take your Thyme to put the Sage in a nice recipe with Rosemary!

Dr Miller: You mentioned Yvette [another grunt in our office—ed.], and I thought she was the sage (as in wise person) who was being relocated to the computer room.

Roger: Unfortunately, that scenario doesn’t work on multiple levels, but you didn’t hear that from me…

Dr Miller: I didn’t read this

Sometimes I’m glad I work with an office full of silly people, even the doctors. Not always, but sometimes.

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2 Responses to The Sage Returns

  1. the Sage says:

    But I have been moved to the computer room off the main kitchen…really! (Ask my LSW)

  2. Roger says:

    I just looked in the room, but you weren’t there. Are you invisible? If so, I’ll just go in and talk to you even though I can’t see you.

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