TP Rant

I don’t understand how people are able to deftly access the toilet paper when it comes under the roll instead of over the roll. I know that is a big distinguishing factor between people: “Do you put the toilet paper on so it comes from the top or the bottom?” I never thought if much mattered, let peace reign regardless. However, after having experienced it some, I’m left to wonder. See, I’m rather proficient in using it as it comes off the top of the roll. You might even say I’ve mastered that skill. However, when I get in a situation (say…at work…) where it has been loaded to come out the bottom, I’m left a bumbling fool. It’s like giving an aborigine a PDA and telling him to have fun. He’d probably try to use it to wipe his backside, too. Who knows, it might be easier than trying to access the TP from under the roll.

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8 Responses to TP Rant

  1. Eric says:

    FREAK! Under is the only way… 😈

  2. Roger says:

    I should have known…PDA user! (if you don’t have one, I know you still COULD use one)

  3. Eric says:

    I wish I had a PDA. Maybe for Christmas…

  4. Roger says:

    Is that before or after Miranda get the flute? 😉

  5. Eric says:

    After. Bills come first. 🙁 Pesky bills….

  6. Roger says:

    Bills…if they were sent of softer paper, you could use those to wipe with…

  7. that guy dave says:

    Umm whats toilet paper? Am I the only guy still using papyrus and bees nests?

  8. Roger says:

    A tip for ya: Wait until the bees have moved out!

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