Ramon (MP)
The Federal Chickens overseeing Communication have dealt a harsh blow to the White Knights of Panagonea today as they forced the Knights to use ‘Wingdings’ font on all their ATMs. The SpokesChicken called it retaliation for their recently departed Minister, the Vicious Chicken of Bristol.

When the Knights defeated the Chicken in what some called “underhanded” combat, the FCC was enraged. After meeting behind closed doors for a week (with only a 100 lb. bag of cracked corn), the FCC released this devastating blow.

“Our serfs shant be able to decipher the script!” complained Regor the Bald in a press conference Tueday.

“If things get worse, we’ve saved a ruling of only using an obscure Aboriginal dialect, one of speaking only, not a written language. That will only come into play if the Knights can’t be made to see reason,” quoted the SpokesChicken.

For now we can only watch and see what this move does to the fiscal prowess of the White Knights.

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  1. Cousin Dave says:

    darn those White Knights!!! They are a stain on the fabric of society!!

  2. Roger says:

    Luckily the FCC seems to be taking care of them.


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