Filling in a post for Roger

I am sitting here in my squalid little apartment at apx. 8:22 p.m. (eastern time of course) with nothing to do. Then I realize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger has a blog thats being neglected!
It is time for nothing special yet something neat to be printed in nano-ink a few of my own thoughts and quotes!
1. Just because you have had one bad apple it does not mean there all bad!
2. If we could purge our minds like we do our bloated stomachs, we may be free of pain.
3. Stupidity is like Alchoholism for it is only a problem that can be dealt with if they realize they have a problem.
4. It is much easier to step into the shadows and observe than it is to be into the light and be blinded. (thats a metaphor! Use your imagination!)
5. It is not the Federal Govt. it is the Feral Govt……sneaky, non trusting, and out for itself and of course always ready to mark its territory.
6. Many minds are like jigsaw puzzles…Minus a few pieces
7. A simple rule to life is this….. KNOW EVERYTHING!!! ADMIT NOTHING!!!
One: know whom you are compromising with.
Two: know what you are compromising.
Three: there are some thing you NEVER compromise!!

About Cousin Dave

Rogers much better looking younger cousin :-)
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2 Responses to Filling in a post for Roger

  1. the Sage says:

    Number one?

    “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch girl” — Michael Jackson (when he was a boy instead of sleeping with them)

  2. Roger says:

    It wasn’t being neglected…

    Good job, Cousin Dave! I was going to suggest a few top 10 lists and the such.

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