Kids Praise Kamp

Exactly one week after Heritage Youth Camp started (aka last night), the inaugeral year of Kids Praise Kamp began at our church. While the Youth Group is ages 12+, KPK is for the younger children ages 6-11. I’m not one of the workers for this camp like I was for Youth Camp, but we had a wonderful service last night at church to start things off. If there is any ministry that calls to me, it is the one that gets to use puppets, costumes, silly voices, and simple metaphors to minister to children.

Last night we had: secret agents with a cryptic message, a funny story/skit with a great message, and simple metaphorical preaching that even a child could understand (that’s the whole purpose, right?). Today and tomorrow they are leaving the church at 8 AM and getting home late (after 9 PM).

The younger children have a more innocent view, and innocent interests. I prefer that to the rebellious Youth age. Yes, those long field trips are a-callin’. Hopefully after I finish college I’ll be able to focus on this age group. That is, focus better than I ever have for the Youth group. Learn skits, interesting stories, etc. Generally put more energy and time in than I ever have before.

It seems I’ve never truly grown up.

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