No Shower

It has been a rough week. While we were at Youth Camp (post about that in the works soon…) on the overnight camping trip, my bathroom was supposed to be getting a fix. The wall behind the showerhead was soft, so we needed tiles taken off, sheetrock replaced and a tub surround installed. Or so we thought. When we came home Friday from a very sweaty camping trip, we found that our wall had been opened up…and just left there. Apparently, my uncle (the carpenter) found that it was much worse than we even thought back there (and we thought it was pretty bad) with the rot extending through the first layer of sheetrock, through insulation, and through the plywood into the outside sheet insulation. Oi, Oi, Oi. He left it because 1) he wanted to know how we wished to proceed, 2) it was going to take a lot more time than he had set aside, or than he had available 3) he wanted to contact our insurance company to see if it was a covered incident.

From a message about a message (he wasn’t able to contact us while we were away), we gathered that he didn’t have time to handle this big catastrophe. That night we had a youth church service and afterward we went begging up to a guy in our church who does carpentry work as a side job. He’s been working on the bathroom (around his regular job) as much as possible; however we’ve still been without our own shower for a week. We don’t like it one bit. We’ve been driving to Krissy’s dad’s house every morning before work to shower. That means getting up early. Krissy really hates living out of a bag (where we carry our bathroom supplies and clothes). 😛

Also, the cost just keeps going up as we uncover more and more rotten sheetrock. Stupid water damage.

It hasn’t been the most fun week.

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