Not Writer’s Block

I’m not having writer’s block, I’m having “time” block. My free time at work is scattered, which tends to affect my writing with the same problem. Just when I am on a roll, someone comes to interrupt me; then I’m lucky if I can get back on. If I documented all the times that I was interrupted while writing one post, even I might be surprised.

It would be nice if I could take a General break and talk about something deep or thought-provoking, but I don’t spend too much of my life in that frame of mind. I have, what I feel, is too much of a reliance on God to take care of needs and problems, therefore I don’t delve into thought or ideas too deeply. It’s probably wrong of me to not exercise my brain waves thusly, and also probably wrong of me to insinuate that I’m some kind of ultra-pious Christian. Please don’t take it as such, though true piety is a great goal for me. I think I’m more on the end of “too trusting” to the point where I’m just plain lazy and I don’t motivate myself to do much of anything. I’m thinking of a comparison between a hyper-Calvinist who would say, “Why spread the gospel, God will save who he will save regardless.” I might say (though not consciously), “Why ever get out of bed, God will take care of all my needs as long as I have faith in Him.” See the problem? I might be starting to…

Someone do me a favor sometime: stimulate my mind. (Please note, my sense of humor is already fully developed…for better, or worse…)

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