Orange Slices

My friend Mark (sorry, no link available) and I know something that very few people know (I did tell my wife, of course. It came up.) And now I’m going to share it with the whole world (all 4 of you who read my blog):

Orange slices are essential for any road trip.

I’m not talking about real, peeled, sliced oranges. I’m talking about the orange-slice shaped and colored sugar from any respectable store’s candy aisle. I don’t really think of it as “candy” but I guess it might be. Not only is it made out of sugar, but it has more sugar sprinkled on top. This is why I affectionately refer to is as “sugar covered sugar.”

Unfortunately, not all sugar is created equal. There are some stores you do NOT want to buy orange slices from…unless you have weird tastes (that means different tastes than I have…don’t get too much of an inferiority complex). For example Wal*Mart, while being a very economical store, does not have good orange slices. They texture is rather rough and, quite frankly, sickening. If I remember correctly the local convenience store will only do in a pinch; that is they are OK, but not the best.

The best place around here to purchase orange slices is Hannaford Brothers, the local super grocery store. They were recently bought by Red Lion, so you folks with that store in your area may be in luck, too, though the slices are Hannaford brand. Barring those two options, your only hope is to pray that your local grocery store has tasty orange slices.

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