Saturday was a lazy day, so I had a hard time getting to sleep Saturday night. Sunday morning I was very tired and felt I needed a Mountain Dew to stay alert for Sunday School. Usually a Mountain Dew would keep me up for a long time and I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until the caffeine left my system. However, I had not problem taking a nap Sunday afternoon (which we always do, and pretty much always messes up our sleep on Sunday night…) I was pretty tired, Sunday night neither Krissy or I could get to sleep. We read, tossed, turned, and had an overall miserable time until the wee hours of Monday morning. It was a horrible night of non-sleep. Now I am way overtired, the vending machine is out of Mountain Dew to hold me over (Coke hasn’t been as good so far, plus it tastes bad :P), and we have to work our second job tonight for two hours before we can go to bed. It can’t come soon enough.

Good news: The pharmaceutical rep. is brining Chinese for lunch.

(Note: Two posts for today.)

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6 Responses to Overtired

  1. Eric says:

    Free lunch! And you complain! A pox on thee!

  2. Roger says:

    I get free lunch at least twice a week. I take it for granted.

    Did you not want your “and” message to show up here? 😉

  3. brian says:

    yeah, I hate those nights.

  4. Roger says:

    Just when I think I have it bad, Brian makes me look like a wimp.
    (Not above, but in an email)

  5. cousin dave says:

    Free Cat! Man, I need a new job! Those White Knights were eying me today… Riding in their “Brinks” chariots!

  6. Roger says:

    Dear DavQuixote,
    Do NOT attack the Brinks chariot! It is more like a dragon than a chariot. If you fall for their tauntings and attack them, they will unleash a deadly ‘breath’ at you.

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