Upgraded to 1.2

From the Admin: QwertyYuppy.com is now running WP 1.2.

I know, 1.2 has been out for awhile… but we wanted to be safe… Right Roger? Roger… Oh dear… maybe I deleted his account by accident. 😈

Nope, he is still here (drat).

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5 Responses to Upgraded to 1.2

  1. Roger says:



  2. Geof says:

    Trust me, I know what you mean on the upgrade pain.

  3. Hannah Faith says:

    Whoah, do all the new smiley options for comments come with 1.2 or is that just something you added?

  4. Roger says:

    Most of them were available before, you just had to know the keystrokes
    that brought them up. He added :yes:, :no:, :rmfo: and :trout: and then
    made them visible in the comment screen, as well as in my Post/Write
    screen. 😀

  5. Eric says:

    They are a hack from Alex King. It makes them clickable. 🙂

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