Case sensitive is the good word….. Like “ouch” or “OUCH” very, very meaningful. I have nothing exciting or thought provoking at this time. WHY YOU ASK?!?!??!? Cuz i am a sucker and got suckered into a 12 hour workday being a “Lemming” for the District Manager! For all practical purposes to save face DM will be only know as either “DM” or Weasel….. Thats another story.. etc. etc etc.

Quote of the day “The difference between me and a madman is…That I am not mad.”- Savador Dali

About Cousin Dave

Rogers much better looking younger cousin :-)
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  1. Roger says:

    Yay, Cousin Dave!

    Weasels are bad! (By the way, it’s “etc” not “ect”. I changed it for you. Madman.

    Also, I’m not sure anyone else knows what to think of this post…

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