A Job in Review

I’ve finally learned the art of merging multiple posts from the same day together, instead of posting them all separately. This is good, since they all have to do with the same thing. This has taken all morning to type up. Now I have a back-log of work to do…

Job in Review
I would have to say that, all around, the job has given me everything it promised. I guess, probably even more.

1) The job promised me that I could work 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. This is something I really wanted. It is the same shift my wife works and it guaranteed our nights and weekends together, just like a “real” working couple. I know that these days you can’t really make a generality like that, but what couple out there wouldn’t like these arrangements? (Feel free to tell me in the Comments…)

2) The job promised me a wage a lot higher than the minimum wage. “Lot higher” meaning still lower than someone in a “skilled” position (ie someone using their college degree), but higher than people around these parts who flip burgers or cashier.

3) The job promised me benefits, and very good ones at that. I’ve been very happy and very blessed at times to have those benefits. The best part is that Medical and Dental insurance were both free.

4) The job didn’t promise me free medicine. I’ve been able to get almost all of my prescription here from samples that the pharmaceutical reps bring. This saves me a significant amount of money.

5) The job didn’t promise me friends. These came on their own. They came willingly and acceptingly to get to know me, to put up with my idiosyncrasies. We’ve done things together at work, and outside of work. They befriended not only me, but my wife as well. What kind of job can promise that? Above all, above money, and above benefits, friendship is the higher currency.

It’s hard to follow that up, but I also wanted to muse a little about my specific position here in the office. I was the scheduler. This entailed setting up all the appointments that the doctor wanted patients to have, both follow up appointments in our office and outside testing or referrals to specialists.

Thinking about this job I had, I realize that I’ve scheduled a lot of appointments. I scheduled the patient for the gastric bypass surgery for the patient who afterward was so excited about all the weight she lost. (Disclaimer: this surgery is dangerous and often yields bad results. I would never, ever have one done to myself)

I tried to schedule a patient with a local Gastroenterologist and when they couldn’t get her in anytime soon, I called Portland (2 hours away, but a bigger city) who saw her the next week for her Hepatitis C. Afterward I was her best friend.

I schedule the patient who enjoys making “special” appointments. This will be the second year I have set her up to be her doctor’s last patient of the year. Last year she brought champagne. She also enjoys coming in on birthdays, or anything notable like that. I became her best friend, too.

I scheduled the patient who was having severe abdominal pain and one specialist’s office couldn’t get her in for a few weeks. Luckily, I have connections with another office (where my wife works :wink:) and was able to get her in within a couple of days. That woman’s enzymes were sky-high and she needed her gallbladder out immediately.

I’ve scheduled the test that found cancer in a patient. Then I scheduled his appointment with the specialist who was going to take care of it for him. The patient once came back and said “luckily we found it early enough”.

I feel like I’ve made a difference for the better in a good number of lives. I can leave with that happy feeling inside.

Flip Flops
As this is my last day, my manager let me do something I’ve been bugging her to do for years. Every time a dress-down day or a costume-wearing day came up, I would ask if I could wear my flip-flops to work. Flip-flops have always been against dress code, even when sandals (without socks/hose) weren’t. Today I grabbed my best pair (which also happen to match my outfit…not even on purpose) and told my wife I’d put them in the car “just in case”. She just laughed. Well, now I’m spending the day in my most comfortable pair of footwear…who’s the one laughing now? 😉

Last Day Song
This song has been going through my head all week. Though not a perfect fit for this scenario, it is a good farewell song for people you will miss.

Follow Love
I’m gonna miss this simple town
Full of memories
I’m gonna miss just hanging out
With all my friends
The rainy days and summer nights
Skippin’ stones by the riverside
But I know it’s time to go, so

Here’s goodbye, here’s so long
I must go and follow love
I feel my heart moving on
I must go and follow love
Carry on while I’m gone
This is what I been dreaming of
I’ll miss you so, but I must go
Go and follow love

I’ve got a heart that’s full of dreams
And a little bit of crazy
I can feel it pulling me
To somewhere I have never been
I’m packing up and leaving home
To travel into the great unknown
It’s time, I have to go

We’re not guaranteed tomorrow
So we must just keep on livin’ for today
Make the most of every moment
Every step along the way

Here’s goodbye, here’s so long
I must go and follow love
I feel my heart moving on
I must go and follow love
Carry on while I’m gone
This is what I been dreaming of
I’ll miss you so, but I must go
Go and follow love

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2 Responses to A Job in Review

  1. Eric says:

    Flip-Flops?!? Hahahahaha!

    I’m jealous… 👿

  2. Roger says:

    I could tell by your merciless mocking that you were jealous of me.

    Such is my life…:lol:

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