Back In The Day

:rmfo: There once when a time when Roger and I were young..No laughing it is true! Roger and I spent many a weekends at our grandparents house in a little town known as Eddington, ME. Those were the days!

Top Ten Reasons Our Grandparents House Rocked!

10. Roger and I actually got to hangout together.
9. Singing the “OOh-OOh” song as we walked with Grampa down to Davis Pond.
8. Nanny’s cooking before she went senile. πŸ˜†
7. The wonderfull dogs Ajax and the mighty huskie Toby. R.I.P. πŸ˜₯
6. Grammy Sargent was just round the corner with her shared telphone line (nope that tone means it is Gracie’s call).
5. Earwigs are evil and you can’t plant a “Rock Tree” by digging to China but it was sure fun to try!
4. Old school swingsets tip over alot but there still very,very fun!
3. “Stay away from the stream!” said Grampa on an almost endless basis… We listened once in a Bluemoon.
2.Althought falling thru the floor in a game of “Jump over the open heat duct without looking” is a fun game I don’t suggest you teach that one to your kids! Stupid games rock!
1. Making cabins out of sheets that cover 3/4 of the downstairs of any house and “We promise to pick it up” and never do is great fun! 😈

About Cousin Dave

Rogers much better looking younger cousin :-)
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4 Responses to Back In The Day

  1. Roger says:

    Haha! This was awesome! Look what happens when I don’t check my
    own site for an entire morning! Let me comment:

    10) David and I had a lot of fun together growing up. A LOT.
    9)When you say “oh, oh” (pronounced oooo-oooo) as you walk barefoot on small rocks and pebbles, it hurts your feet less. Really. :yes:
    8)Last I knew, my grandmother (Nanny–on my mother’s side) wasn’t senile. David has spent time with her more recently, though, so I bow to his judgement.
    7) Ajax had to be put down for chasing deer (he caught them, too!) and [sorry, I was interrupted here…] Toby died of leukemia
    6) I forgot about that, and I lived with Grammy! One ring for Grammy, two rings and the call was for Gracie across the street! πŸ˜†
    5) Earwigs suck, rock trees I don’t remember, and digging to China in your sandbox is great as long as your cousin doesn’t throw sand in your eyes! πŸ‘Ώ
    4) Yes, yes they do. You can’t go very high when they are tipping on you. And swinging at opposite rhythm only works for so long…
    3) I don’t remember anyone telling me to stay away from the stream…(seriously!)
    2) πŸ˜€ David taught himself not to do that game. I think I “won” (I didn’t put my foot through the bedroom floor/living room ceiling)
    1) We never picked up the sheet “tents”. Never! No matter how much we promised to “do it this time”. I’ll have to apologize for that some day…

    Go Dave! :rmfo:

  2. Roger says:

    Some Honorable Mentions:
    *Tree forts, often found by Grampa with a lot of kitchen β€˜utensils’ in them
    *Bathroom sink concoctions: Mixing all liquids found in the medicine cabinet together into the sink

  3. Cousin Dave says:

    I totally forgot amount locking the bathrrom door and making magic potions! And alas I forgot Monkey News! Shame on me and my 50 + hour work week as a boss!

  4. Roger says:

    May the shame grow even larger, stranger. πŸ™

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