Beware of Refugee Baboons!

Are there refugee baboons in your part of town? Are they driving heavy equipment with or without an appropriate license? Our roving reporter on the street just happened to see a sight the other day they may cause you to no longer indifferently turn your head to the underground Baboon railroad.

On her way to work, Mel the Marmoset spotted an odd shape sitting in some construction machinery at the end of her road. Confused that she may be driving too fast, and that it was too early in the morning, she slowed down to get a better look. Much to her surprise, what she originally thought may be a common Tamarin, turned out to be a species of Baboon that has recently been rafting to our continent from Africa. Naturally, these refugee Baboons are neither tame, nor vaccinated, nor versed in the way of common etiquette and must be avoided at all costs!

A 500 banana reward has been offered for help capturing any of these Baboons, however if you are injured by one you will immediately be shot and your brain sent to the State Dept. for rabies testing.

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1 Response to Beware of Refugee Baboons!

  1. cousin dave says:

    Ooh ooh ooh! I saw one i saw one! He was silverback and eating a 3 course meal without silverware…How uncivilized!

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