Scene 9: The Historian

(Adapted from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Names and actions courtesy of event that occur at the Rumor Forum.)

Reminder: Scene 8 was the AYOR/Straw man scene


Lecture for Charter Memebers, take eight.


Defeat at AYOR seems to have utterly disheartened Tyrant Geof. The ferocity of the Poster’s taunting took him completely by surprise, and Geof became convinced that a new strategy was required if the quest for the Holy Hymnal were to be brought to a successful conclusion. Geof, having consulted his closest Bartenders, decided that they should separate and search for the Hymnal individually.
[clink clink clink]
Now, this is what they did: Sir Trey—

[runs in]
[TREY bear hugs BRANDON, breaking his spine and leaving him dead]
Back-breaking Bear Hug

SARAH: [running in]

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3 Responses to Scene 9: The Historian

  1. Geof says:

    Roger: You need that photo of Trey and Brandon hugging. It’s here:


  2. Geof says:

    My work here is done. :mrgreen:

  3. the Sage says:

    Now we just need a little cartoon medieval Sarah (a la Terry Gilliam) to shufle in and :trout: Brandon with the Holy Hymnal.

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