“Something Is Missing”

Something is missing
A void I can’t bear.
Something is missing
‘Cause you are not there.
I took you for granted
With hardly a care.
I took you for granted
Something quite rare.

I can but look back
To times less forlorn.
Joyous those days
We alone did adorn.
Hours before these,
Ones I now mourn,
From whence my presence
So quickly was torn.

How can so few feet
Be the cause of such pain?
A chasm that I try
To bridge all in vain.
Can I hope feelings
Will remain the same,
Or will they all sadly
In time come to wane?

Something is missing.
Something is wrong.
Something is missing,
From my life’s sweet song.
Something I never knew
I had all along;
Something I never knew
I felt quite this strong.

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