The ‘roids Are Working!

Ha Ha, severe lung disease losers, look out! I am no longer among your pathetic midst!

I had an appointment with my pulmonologist today. It was just a routine, yearly checkup. Since everything has been OK in the last year (no bronchitis, even! Wow!), he decided to lower my dose of Advair (my long-acting inhaler) from 500/50 to 250/50.

Also, he volunteered his opinion on a new asthma injection that recently came out on the market. He said that the type of patient it was perfect for is a small range of people who are usually helped by other meds. Since other meds help, he can’t see justifying an expense of $6,000 to $8,000 a year to treat a patient. So, anyone out there with asthma, make sure to check with your lung specialist before demanding your Primary Care doctor to start you on the new shot.

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  1. Mom says:

    :lol:Hey, it works great for some people. 2 years ago you would have been the perfect candidate. It’s still out there if you ever need it! The favorite mother!:lol:

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