It Has Begun

I really dislike talking about politics. What I saw today has made me do it. Curse you people!

This morning I saw the first political signs of the season stuck in people’s lawns. It’s like they come out during the night, when you least expect them. (Maybe they are ashamed to show their face…which is weird because anyone who knows who lives in the house also knows who put up the sign…)

I personally think that anyone who decides which candidate they will vote for because of a sign on the side of the road should not be voting. I guess this would work the same for bumper stickers, too. You know nothing about a candidate by how many signs their personal fanatics stick roadside across the nation. Moreover, I don’t think these political signs should be allowed on public property (any property, really, but I don’t want to fight over what people can and can not do on their own property…). It is most definitely an eyesore when you drive by the clean, serene park to find it completely surrounded by political signs (a dozen for the same candidate sharing a square yard of lawn, even). It’s like the signs are some sort of amorphous amoeba surrounding our dear park. Soon the entire park will be engulfed. Any child playing in the park who doesn’t get out before they are surrounded must either be airlifted or become a walking advertisement, a fate worse than death.

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  1. brian says:

    i never understood political bumper stickers…there’s nothing quite as sad as an 88 toyota with a worn out Dukakus sticker on it.

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