Out of Control Class

Today in my Animal Breeding class, my instructor wrote what I consider to be some very outrageous, even vulgar formlas on the board (for those who don’t know, Breeding is, unfortunately, explained by statistics. Anyone who has had a statistics class may feel sorry for me now). I’ll try to reproduce one here, no guarantees, though, since I’m not sure how to get all the greek symbols on this post…

(SumXiYi – ((SumX*SumY)/N)/(n-1))/((((SumX^2)-(SumX^2/N))/(n-1))* ((SumY^2)-(SumY^2/N))/(n-1))
Turns out that I couldn’t figure out how to get the sigma in there, so I had to use “Sum” instead.

Now, in the middle of my instructor writing all this garbage on the board (am I the only one who feels silly writing down the equation “the square root of X-squared”?) I had this sudden urge to yell “NO!!! YOU FOOL!!!”

That would have been great. Unfortunately I am much too kind (and wimpy) to ever yell such a thing at my teacher in the middle of class, though I think everyone (excluding him, maybe) would have gotten a huge kick out of it.


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