Roast Beef

No sympathy for my horrible Wednesday. Rough crowd.

I like roast beef. It’s good stuff. I’m wondering, though, why they call it “roast” beef? It looks rather raw to me. Tastes kinda raw too…only without the blood. How much can you actually cook this “roast” beef and have it stay a fresh red color for days on end? If it’s not cooked well, am I in danger of getting sick? They can’t sell you stuff that makes you sick, can they? Aren’t there laws against that? I should look this stuff up. It would probably be more informative than submitting the question to you, plus you wouldn’t have to take time and energy to answer me…or rudely ignore my ignorant plea for information…

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4 Responses to Roast Beef

  1. Eric says:

    It’s called “food coloring” and it is used in most meats to maintain that nice red color. It’s a conspiracy! 👿

  2. Roger says:

    Dave: I didn’t see anything about roast beef on that page…did you expect me to search myself?

    Eric: Conspiracy…now we’re talking!

  3. Eric says:

    Talking? I thought we were typing?

    But anyhow, ask your grandparents if they ever had “red” meat when they went to the store?

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