S-l-o-w D-o-w-n…

Anybody else like little testimonies? I like little testimonies. I don’t necessarily mean short testimonies, but I mean testimonies about the “little things” that God does for you. I like those. If you are ever questioning if the great God of the universe is a personal God, just think of little testimonies. If you can’t think of your own, look around for others’. Here’s one: (hopefully the way I write won’t turn a little tesitmony into a long one…)

Wednesday afternoon I was on my way home from school. The interstate was backed up on the ramp I wanted to use to switch from I-95 to I-395 (bridge work), so I decided to get off on the exit before and take some back roads home. To my surprise, I realized that this route at this specific time of the day would take me right past the school where my wife was taking a class and that her class would be letting out in a few minutes. I thought I would surprise her and stop in to say hi.

The road that her class in on is a very winding road running roughly parallel to I-395. There happened to be a vehicle in front of me who had the same idea I did about taking an alternate route, so I followed this vehicle onto the winding road. This guy was driving very slowly. I know the road is winding, but there are some spots you could motor is for a few seconds before hitting your next sharp curve. I would have done just that. This guy in front of me did not want to do that. No, he wanted to drive just barely above 20mph. I started to get agitated. What if my wife’s class got out early (which it did…) and I didn’t get there in time? There goes my great surprise. Anyway, I was getting pretty close to the next car’s tail when I had a sudden change of heart. I backed off a bit thinking “Oh, well, God knows what he’s doing. If I’m stuck behind a slow guy, God has his reasons.” I’ve always heard the stories about people getting stuck or misdirected in traffic, and thereby missing out on what could have been trouble. I figured I’d relax. Even if I never knew the reason for it, God knew I’d be behind someone slow on this stretch of road.

Not five seconds after my “Oh, well, God knows what he’s doing…” thought did we come around a corner to find a cop sitting at a speed trap. Yup, had I not been behind the slow guy, that police officer would surely have been pulling me over. Never, that I can remember, have I given a situation to God that He showed me His reasoning so quickly after I submitted myself to Him. It was pretty cool.

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7 Responses to S-l-o-w D-o-w-n…

  1. Eric says:

    God :rmfo:


  2. Rhonda says:

    So, did you surprise your wife? Slow cars are annoying..but beneficial at times too.

  3. Roger says:

    Alas, I did not surprise my wife. They had taken a test that day and were able to leave early. 🙁

    I did surprise her at work the day before though, on my way home. She probably would have started
    to think that I was stalking her or something.:smile:

    PS: Rhonda, it’s nice to see you here!

  4. Rhonda says:

    I read your blog often…I just never post.

  5. Roger says:

    That’s nice to hear. Serves me right for not commenting on yours, too.

  6. Mom says:

    Hey, once again the mom knows nothing! What class is Krissy taking? 😡

  7. Roger says:

    Well, see, this is Roger’s weblog…and the Official Monkey News site…not Krissy’s weblog (though I offered to make her a user…) 😀

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