Your Attention, Please!!

So, I’ve been back to college since Monday. You would think (I would think, at least) that by the time people were mature enough to go to college that they would no longer have the “look at me, I need your attention” attitude. Alas, it seems some slipped through.

The University of Maine is situated with the Memorial Union as the unofficial center of campus. It may not be the direct center, but everything revolves around the Union. It holds the Bookstore, a common eatery, the office where you sign up for parking and the gym and where you get your MaineCard, among many other offices and common lounges. It is also located right next to the Library. All this makes it the unofficial ‘center’ of campus.

Therefore directly outside the Union is where the “look at me” people hang out. These “look at me” people are the ones that you find playing hackeysack, praciticing their bowling pin juggling, or just standing around looking all weird (say with multiple body peircings and dark, abnormal shades of dyed hair to match their goth-esque outfit. Notice how no one these days would dye their hair rainbow colors…). For some things I would agree, yes, the Union is the perfect place to meet and to chat, but for others the only reason I can find for them being there is that they are indirectly begging for attention.

Explain this, why would you practice your juggling or your hackeysack skills directly in front of the Union when only a couple dozen yards away is the Mall (the Mall being a football- field size grass lawn stretching in front of the Library)? Why do you hang out under cover of the shade on on a tarred walkway when you could be out in the sun hackeying your college experience away? There’s only one reason I’ve been able to come up with. How about you?

(PS. I guess I can understand the Goth-types being there; they would fear the sun exposure on the Mall…)

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9 Responses to Your Attention, Please!!

  1. Eric says:

    Vampires at UMaine?

    Tell the hackeyers to go play elsewhere… your here to study!

  2. Roger says:

    Well, sorta. I’m not outside the Union to study. I’d go in a Lounge or in the Library for that.
    But I have to walk by them. Seeking their attention in such an indirect way. Maybe I should go
    pat one on the head next time I walk by…

  3. Kari says:

    Maybe they are waiting to meet someone and only hacky-sacking to fill the time.

  4. Roger says:

    Ahh, a plausible excuse! Did I forget to mention they were in a group, not individuals?

    Update: It’s a wonderful day. The sun it out and the walkway around the Union is completely packed. 😕

  5. Geof says:


    They are best termed “face-timers”.

  6. Cousin Dave says:

    There is a good reason behind it. “Dude ya put yer weed in there!”

  7. Roger says:

    Ha ha! Weed-ey-sack! Silly “face-timers”!

  8. Scoob says:

    I could say that the hackeyers are there to try and show the Gothesque that there is fun and joy in life. That living and dwelling in a self imposed dark and depressive mood/lifestyle. Though the crunchy/hackeyers are most likely not shining examples of normality they do have a thirst for joy and the sun. This is something missing from the life of the gothesque. Or the hackeyers could be just there, lost in their weed induced happiness.:rmfo:

  9. Roger says:

    Lost…I like the ‘lost’ thought:

    “Dude…how did we get here…where are we?”

    “Man…I got no clue. What’re we gonna do?”

    “I dunno. Got yer hackeysack?”

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